Flexible screw conveyor

Flexible transport of bulk materials

Our flexible screw conveyors are the economical solution to transport bulk materials such as grain, pellets or granules. The use of plastic elbows, plastic pipes and the coreless spiral make flexible hauling distances possible.

Your special benefits

  • Product-friendly
  • Flexible
  • The modular construction allows easy installation

Drive station

with outlet Ø150 made of galvanized steel with gear motor, motor console with mounting device

Connection hopper

made of galvanized steel, adjustable 0°  to 30°, with big cleaning opening, gate valve, robust shaft axle with end bearing

Conveying pipe

made of wear- resistant plastic with high- strength flexible screw made of steel

Intermediate outlet

with hand or cable operated shut-off valve, connection for downpipe

The product possibilities in overview

Outside diameter (mm) Conveying capacity(t/h)*
75 1,5
90 2,5
125 4,5

*Depending on produkt and filling level

Download the data sheet here.

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