Pipe conveyor system

With our range we can offer the ideal solution for you

Special benefits

  • Flexible conveying routes (vertical/ horizontal)
  • Less space requirements
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Any amount od in- and outlets
  • Gentle product treatment
  • Dustproof conveying
  • Functional reliable, long-lasting, low maintenance
  • Conveying products: granulate, pellets, flour, ...

Drive unit

Standard version made of stainless steel with tensioning device, drive and guide wheel, electromechanical safety switch

Dosing hopper

made of stainless steel with metering valve and vibrator for adjusting the flow rate, cleaning and inspection opening, for 1- or 2- way conveying systems

Transfer corner 90°

Made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) with sealed ball bearing and stainless steel axle. Also available in 135° and 360° version.

Conveying pipe with chain

Pipe made of galvanized steel or stainless steel with internal conveyor chain made of high-strength steel with plastic attachment.


with slide, version with and without cable operation

Example for conveying routes

Technical Data:

Durchmesser [mm] 60 100
max. length [m] 400 280
drive power [kW] 1,1 - 2,2 2,2 - 3,0
capacity [m³/h] 3 8

Download the data sheet here.

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